Top Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Top Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Top Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Bob has spent over 30 years representing people in Harrisonburg and the Shenandoah Valley on serious traffic charges like reckless driving, DUI and DWI.  Bob offers a FREE CONSULTATION by telephone.  If you want to talk with Bob, please call to schedule at 540.433.6906 or email  The call is completely free to you and entirely confidential.

Please examine Bob’s reviews from clients he has represented HERE, HERE and HERE.

Top Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer: Anyone can get charged with a serious traffic charge.  For example, Mike Budenholzer, the head coach for the Atlanta Hawks, recently entered a not guilty plea on an August, 2013 DUI arrest.  Budenholzer is also charged with defective taillights.  Budenholzer was stopped because one or more of his taillights were not operating.  This defect could have occurred during his driving so even if he checked his lights before leaving he would not, could not have known.  Burnt out taillights are not linked to intoxication or impairment of the vehicle’s operator.  The police report indicated that Budenholzer had bloodshot eyes, watery eyes and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath.  The report did not explain how the officer could objectively distinguish between a strong odor and an odor of a lesser strength.

At the time of his arrest, Budenholzer released the following statement:

I take my role as a leader very seriously and hold myself to a high standard. I apologize to the fans and to the Hawks organization for any negative attention this incident has brought upon my family and the organization while the legal process evolves and I contest these misdemeanor charges.

Budenholzer has lead the Hawks to the team’s best season ever in the Eastern Conference and got them to the playoffs every year he had been head coach.  Budenholzer is set to be on the Team Africa coaching staff in the NBA Africa Game 2015.

Top Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Top Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer


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