Lance Armstrong Reckless Driving

Lance Armstrong Reckless Driving

Lance Armstrong Reckless Driving

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Lance Armstrong Reckless Driving:  Even celebrities like Lance Armstrong receive traffic tickets.  Apparently Armstrong struck two parked cars with his vehicle in December, 2014.  Armstrong convinced his girlfriend, Anna Hansen,  to make a false statement to police and falsely admit that she was the driver, not Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong Reckless Driving:  After the crash, Hansen apparently told the cars’ owner that she had been driving.  Hansen provided her contact information to the vehicles’ owner and left the scene.  Hansen was apparently not aware that she was required to make a police report.  The Police, using the information she left, traced the couple to their home.  Hansen was charged with failing to report an accident and excessive speed.

Lance Armstrong Reckless Driving:  The police suspected Hansen’s story was not correct.  Using information about her prior whereabouts, the police interrogated a hotel employee who remembers seeing Armstrong driving the suspect vehicle before the motor vehicle collision.

Lance Armstrong Reckless Driving:  The Police interviewed Hansen a total of three times before she confessed that Armstrong was driving.  This author does not understand why Hansen did not retain counsel to advise her if she should talk to the police.  In my experience, talking to the police is almost always a very, very bad idea.  The Police probably pretended to sympathize with the couple and their situation.  Under the pressure of continued police interrogation, Hansen finally broke and incriminated herself and Armstrong.  Hansen apparently will not be charged for her false report to a police officer in exchange for her testimony against Armstrong.  Realistically the police, when allowed to employ their high pressure tactics could get anyone to admit to anything.  False confessions account for 30% of the death row convictions exculpated by the Innocence Project. 

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